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Adobe Illustrator For Beginners | Customize Workspace

Save and Share this video with an artist that you feel can use this information to enhance the production. Adobe Illustrator can be confusing.

One of the mistakes that alot of beginners make when starting to learn the program is that they attempt to learn every tool that the software has to offer.

After years of producing digital media in illustrator I realized that there are a handful of tools that I use repeatedly to produce my content.

So I learned how I could take all of the tools that I constantly use and put them button to access them, somewhere easily accessible, so I could work faster.

In this video I teach you how to arrange your workspace with the tools that you use most often, and save the layout into a custom profile.

If you learned something valuable in this video type "Valuable Info" in that comments. This will let me know if you all would like for us to create more videos like this for you.

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