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2024 Titan 200 Awards Ceremony

Project type

Video Production


May 9, 2024



Digital REM had the honor of providing videography services for the Titan 100 Awards Ceremony, which celebrates the top executive-level business owners in the Georgia region. Our mission was to produce a captivating video that highlighted the ceremony’s key moments and showcased the brand culture and values of the Titan 100.

Team Success:
Our team meticulously planned and executed the video production, ensuring that every memorable moment of the evening was captured. From the red carpet arrivals to the award presentations and speeches, we focused on highlighting the essence of the event. By using multiple camera angles and professional editing techniques, we created a dynamic and engaging video that truly reflected the spirit of the Titan 100 Awards.

The video produced by Digital REM not only immortalized the event’s most significant moments but also effectively conveyed the values and culture of the Titan 100 brand. Shared across social media platforms and the Titan 100 website, the video generated substantial engagement, increased brand visibility, and strengthened the community of executive leaders in Georgia. The success of this project underscored the power of high-quality video content in enhancing event experiences and brand storytelling.

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