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Digital REM Consulting helps you gain control of their personal accounts, by providing techniques and tools to improve your personal credit score in order to position you for a better financial future. 

Business Formation


Digital REM Consulting has a network of library of resources and a family of professionals that will help establish your business. We strive to facilitate business to business relationships for the advancement of our clients.

Business Growth


Digital REM consulting provides a step by step roadmap for establishing and growing your business. The objective is to maximize your access to capital by utilizing strategies to increase your paydex score.

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1.Cleaning Personal Credit

We are helping our clients create a strong credit profile by removing inaccurate and unverifiable accounts that are negatively impacting your personal credit profile. 

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2.Building Personal Credit

In this phase we are coaching our clients with strategies that will add positive accounts to their credit profile. The goal is to make sure your credit profile idea for lenders and creditors to compete for your business and offer you their best deals.

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3.Funding Strategy

This phase gives the client access to $100,000+ in lines of credit by leveraging their strong personal credit profile and implementing our funding strategies to maximize results.

4.Business Formation

In this phase we offer the resources to set up a new business entity with your state. We coach you through the process of obtaining all of the key elements that will make your company ideal for business credit cards and credit lines. This phase requires a good personal credit profile, because you will have to be the personal guarantor for your business. 

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5.Building Business Credit

In this phase we offer the one on one consultation on ways to build your business credit. The objective is to increase your paydex score and seek the maximum amount of funding for your business to thrive.


In this phase we share strategies and solutions of how to fund your business leveraging your own personal credit to obtain business credit cards and lines of credit. Resulting in access to large amounts of capital to run your business efficiently.

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7.Business Analysis

This phase is where we ask questions about how you envision your business. What does a successful business look like to you and your team. We come up with an overarching strategy that will bring you closer to your audience / customer.

8. Branding

In this phase we offer the resources to establish your brand.

We focus on the experience that you company will provide to your target audience. We explore ways to make it more effective and engaging by utilizing tools and techniques that will set your brand apart from the competition.

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9. Marketing

In this phase we choose which web tools would be ideal for your business. We focus on the web tools that will help you reach your target audience by focusing on a particular demographic that is interested in your products or services. Resulting in and increase in customer engagement and your marketing goals being reached faster. 

10. Content

In this phase we develop processes that will stream line your content creation. We design a package of branded assets that you can use a template for all of your future content. The objective is to wrap all of your content with a consistent branded look and feel.

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11. Growth Strategy

In this phase we develop We help you build a team and come up with solutions to stream line your business so that it runs efficiently. The goal is to eliminate task by automating processes and assigning task to your team.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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What Our Clients Say

Maggie Kahn

Online Instructor

Working with Digital REM consulting really changed my perspective of how to fund my business. Now I feel more in control of my future because I have learned how to fund myself for scaling.

Carl Mccarthy

Logistics Co Owner

Working with Digital REM consulting changed what I thought I knew about starting a business. They showed me the correct way to set my business up. Now the bank is asking me to borrow their money.

Alex Boyd

Franchise Owner

After working with Digital REM consulting, I realized I was doing things the hard way by trying to piece together information form multiple sources. Thank you for saving me the time and pitfalls so I can focus on business relations.


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