Financial Literacy

Consulting helps you gain control of their personal accounts, by providing techniques and tools to improve your personal credit score in order to position you for a better financial future. 

Starting a Business

Our library of video resources and network of professionals help you establish your business. We strive to facilitate business to business relationships for the advancement of our community.

Funding & Scaling

A step by step roadmap for establishing and growing your business. The objective is to maximize your access to capital by utilizing strategies to increase your business credit score.

When applying for Business credit, financial institutions references the credit report of the business's personal guarantor. The guarantor is usually one or more of the owners who have the strongest credit profile, in order to guarantee the business' credit worthiness. Obtaining a credit score above 750 is ideal. and we provide the resources that will help your business' personal guarantor to position themselves to leverage their credit to obtain the maximum amount of business credit.

Do It Yourself  Credit Management E-Book Series